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Our Fleet includes a range of vehicles from 4 tonne flat top trucks through to Semi Trailers with cranes. All our vehicles are well maintained and driven by licensed experienced drivers trusted by us to complete your job!.

Attached onto all of our Fleet is management and mapping systems including GeoOp and TomTom, which help monitor where deliveries go, track delivery times and driver locations during normal operating hours. In fact, each driver is instructed to take photos of just about everything they encounter, including photos of the products being picked up and loaded, to it being delivered to the customer’s site, and pictures of the property.

Our Fleet

We have a wide range of vehicles and tools in order to meet the requirements of all jobs, whether large or small! We are constantly updating our fleet with new vehicles and technology in order to meet the ever-changing industry. Check out our fleet vehicles below and contact us for more information regarding enquiries or bookings!

  • 1 tonne utes
  • 7 tonne flat tops trucks with 9 meter trays
  • 10 tonne flat tops trucks with 9 meter trays
  • 10 tonne crane trucks with 9 meter trays
  • 13 tonne flat tops with 9 meter trays
  • 15 tonne semis 10 meters
  • 15 tonne crane semi 10 meters
  • 18 tonne semis 13 meters
  • 18 tonne crane semis 13 meters
  • 22 tonne semis 13 meters
  • 22 tonne crane semis 13 meters
  • 21 meter extendable trailers

Everything is captured and documented online

“Over the years, I’ve discovered that the most important thing in transport is proof of delivery and making sure we cover our backs, so it’s all digitally logged,” he explains. “For instance, if a customer says we didn’t deliver on time, didn’t deliver the whole consignment, or they allege that we damaged property, then we can double check our records on what may have gone wrong, or a process we may be able to improve, or simply prove that our drivers had nothing to do with the issue. Having digital technology plays an integral part of our business and improves efficiencies, helps with invoicing and analysing service data. It also means our customers can have peace of mind knowing we are prepared to use innovative equipment to get the job done.”

Chad Brown, Director CNC Cartage.