CNC Cartage -SmartTrack GPS

CNC Cartage utilises advanced technology to keep you up to date, helping us help you! With the entire CNC fleet of crane trucks fitted with our smart track GPS tracking technology, so we always know the location status of all of our units.

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What is SmartTrack?

CNC Cartage uses internet-based fleet management and mapping systems (SmartTrack); GeoOp and TomTom, that utilise the most advanced and recent mobile, GPS and Satellite technology in order to track the whereabouts, communicate with and estimate the arrival time of any of our fleet, instantaneously.

This helps to monitor the progress of deliveries and tasks, giving real-time feedback that can be relayed to the customer is they have any queries or concerns.

These systems enable drivers to capture images of freight items before and after the delivery is completed, to keep a visual record of their condition and location. Everything is captured and document online.

Having this technology is an integral part of CNC Cartage, as it improves business efficiency and aids in invoicing as well as the analysis of service data. This provides customers is peace of mind, knowing that we are on top of things, and are willing to use innovative, advanced technology to do a better job.

See our advanced tracking systems in action on a road near you! If you have any questions or are in need of any more information please do not hesitate to contact us! Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you meet your needs!