Truck Video Monitoring

We take customer service and experience to the next level using the latest and greatest truck video monitoring technologies!

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CNC Vehicle Management System

  • Video monitoring installed in every truck
  • Track your deliveries
  • Live data feeds
  • Accessible from any device
  • Connected and synchronised to the cloud 
  • Technology is specifically designed for CNC
  • We are the only transport company with this specialty system!

CNC Cartage is all about taking our service to the next level, through the use of new and innovative technologies. Enhancing customer experience is the name of our game, so providing the added value and peace of mind to our clients is something we take very seriously.

The CNC Vehicle Management System enables clients to track their deliveries using real time, cloud-based data. This is a system designed exclusively for CNC Cartage and offers features which enables video monitoring of every truck in our fleet, which is accessible from any device with internet connectivity.

CNC Cartage is a technological front-runner, being the only company with technology of this kind being implemented.