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About Us

Brisbane | Sunshine Coast | Gold Coast

About CNC Cartage

CNC Cartage is a family run business which has been transporting timber and building products since 1998. Our business has grown from one truck to supplying multiple crane trucks to companies across Queensland. After 25 years in the logistical transport industry, CNC Cartage is still the preferred transport provider for a number of companies in the building and timber industries. The team at CNC Cartage offer cartage solutions for large and small business at affordable rates.

CNC Cartage is Brisbane’s Leading Crane Truck Hire Company

At CNC Cartage, we recognised that customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors in a successful operation. We strive to provide the best service and experience to our customers and our staff to build upon our reputation. At CNC Cartage, we have built a solid reputation for transporting construction products to building projects and hardware businesses throughout Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, Toowoomba and beyond.

Cartage Service Technology

As a family-owned company, we like doing things efficiently and taking advantage of all the latest in technological advancements for our cartage services and crane truck hires in order to benefit all our customers. At CNC Cartage, we use the latest in technology, from smartphones and iPads to the equipment used on our crane trucks. Having the latest technology onboard our fleet means that our customers will receive the latest in tracking technology and will be able to receive constant updates about their product and delivery times. Our reputation and our respect for our customers is one of the many reasons why our cartage services and crane truck hire services are the best in Brisbane.

Webfleet Telematics by Tom Tom GPS.

All vehicles in our fleet are fitted with Webfleet Telematics GPS tracking systems for security and ease of tracking location. CNC Cartages’ Webfleet Telematics GPS system is cutting edge technology that in turns helps us to help you! Webfleet Telematics is a cloud-based fleet management system that uses the latest in mobile, GPS and satellite technology to allow us to track and communicate with any of our fleet vehicles on demand. Strict deadlines to meet? Contact us today and we can provide you with a trucks’ location at any given point.

Crane Truck Hire Safety Standards

The team at CNC Cartage take great pride in our reputation for safety. At every step of the project, we’re identifying hazards and implementing safety measure to protect the lives of our drivers, our customers and the cargo travelling across sites.

We’re proud members of both the Advanced Safety Systems Australia (ASSA) and Advanced Safety Systems Australia and New Zealand (ASSA NZ). These organisations are industry leaders in construction workplace health and safety. As accredited members, we incorporate their safety guidelines and techniques to ensure we are up to date with the latest industry safety measures.

Our experienced drivers and highly maintained vehicles mean that every part of our business plays a part in our company safety standards. No matter the cargo we are carrying, we aim to ensure that our drivers, our customers and their cargo are safe.